Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Navy Sweaters

"The navy sweater" is a category, not just a core item.  The color navy blue has a broad range, from more formal to informal with the paradox of having both gravitas and brightness.

Indispensable items, navy sweaters/jumpers - wool, cotton or cashmere, thick and thin, plain or cable knit - go with just about everything.

While getting harder to find, some current suppliers include:
  • J.C. Cording & Co. Lambswool Knitwea <>
Men's Lambswool Jumper from Cordings - Made in Scotland

The Texture of the Early 1990s Ralph Lauren Wool Cable Knit

The Hillwalker Sweater, Made in Ireland, from Aran Sweater Market

With the Mercer Blue Pima Oxford

The Guernsey, Made in Guernsey

The U.S. made Yankee Crew - Ladies, from F.L.Woods

With a Mercer Pink Pima Oxford

The Texture of the Woolovers Fishermans Crew

The Texture of the  Cotton Cable Knit, Mid 1990s Ralph Lauren

Mercer is a sponsor of Salt Water New England.


  1. A navy pullover is one of my favorite wardrobe staples but, unfortunately, we have little use for wool where I live (will be 76 here this week). Would adore owning one but will keep an eye out for, hopefully, a cotton sweater post this summer. Enjoy your cool weather! I'm so envious.

  2. Does the blue L.L. Bean Norwegian pullover count as well? "Sweaters are for collecting - you can never have too many." The Official Preppy Handbook, p. 136.

  3. I have the Blue Guersney and the House of Bruar Crew,both are excellent sweaters. They are well made and last for ever. I am a long time House of Briar fan! Jane Keller

  4. The photos above are all marvellous. However, navy blue is for daytime use. During the evening, I'd opt for cream or off white.

  5. Can't live without my navy blue sweaters. In fact, navy and khaki is a favorite combination.

  6. I'm a huge fan of navy sweaters and have owned several over the years.

    The lastest one is a V-neck from Woolovers in cashmere/merino I layer over cream crewneck T-shirts and poloneck skivvies.

  7. I strongly recommend Eric Bompard's navy cashmere, I have the classic crew and v neck. They are impeccably cut, wear like iron, and are a true beautiful blue. They do not run large.

  8. received a blue cashmere sweater as a gift for the 2016 holidays.....

  9. Although the navy sweater is a classic prep item, the off- white cream alternative can be worn day or night and is easier to pair with the navy Barbour jacket and the royal stewart scarf. The blue ocbd adds the ideal finishing touch, of course.

  10. You can never have too many is right! I must have 15 navy sweaters- crew neck, V-neck, turtle neck; cabled, ribbed, and plain knit; cardigans and pull overs; twin sets; shetland, cashmere, and cotton. Goes with just about everything. An absolute classic, must have item.