Photo by Salt Water New England

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Lotuff Leather Lock Briefcase - Made in New England

For Business Travel
The Leather Lock Briefcase arrives a blank slate, and will only get richer and more individualized with every mile put on it.  It recalls a quote from AMC's short-lived television series Rubicon. An older spy gives the following advice to a younger one:
“You really could use a good briefcase. Nothing eye-catching of course, but something that lets people take you seriously… Avoid anything that announces its newness, its cost, or its distinctiveness. 
You need one that locks, preferably with a key; combinations have a nasty habit of locking themselves at the worst moments. Clasps, no zippers. And, none of those spring-loaded closures that announce to the whole world you're opening the store. I prefer a single clasp, something that allows a file to go in without stopping or using two hands.”  
- Truxton Spangler, played by Michael Cristofer, on Rubicon, Episode #104