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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Aran Sweater

...Warm; bulky; absorbs dirt well; and made only in Ireland. If the sweater is overly tight fitting, it is probably not an authentic Aran.  Photos by Salt Water New England.
The traditional Aran Sweater (Irish Fisherman's Sweater) is thick, warm, soft, versatile, and incredibly good looking.

They may be 100% knitted by hand in Ireland (with knitting needles and 100% non-itchy merino wool).  When made this way, these classic garments have that unique drape with patterns that look almost chiseled in.  These are the most substantial of sweaters, very warm, very comfortable, and not as prone to the bagging found in machine made versions. However, Aran sweaters that are authentically hand-knit are increasingly rare as they are so labor intensive; each sweater takes between forty and fifty hours to knit.
  • Hand-knit by the ladies of Ireland's County Donegal and provided by Blarney Woollen Mills 
Other Arans may be machine knit, or some combination of machine and hand knit.

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