Friday, August 11, 2017

For the Glorious Twelfth

Father, with 1952 MG TD, Shooting Ruffed Grouse, Maine, 1952 - Original Photograph from Archives
Mother Grouse Shooting

1952 MG TD


  1. Awesome ! Had a '59 MGA. Same side curtains but without door handles. Had to lift the lower side curtain, reach inside to pull the latch cord to open door.
    Had 2 6 volt batteries and one would inevitably die. Therefor, put the crank in the grill and spin to start the motor. Much like the old Model Ts'. (Came in handy on cold winter months)
    Also,like the double barrel shotgun leaning on the MG. Used to hunt grouse and pheasant with a Browning 12 ga. superposed. Thanks for bringing back great memories.

  2. Ah, now I see it! You not only got your great bone structure from your forebears, it's where you got that classic, sturdy style, too.

  3. 1. Love the MG, may have been the coolest sports car ever made.
    2. Would love to hunt grouse in Maine or the UK. I will miss a portion of dove season here in Texas while we visit visiting Ireland. ( Love bird hunting. Quail, duck, goose. Nothing better than duck gumbo one of the weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

  4. The day to look forward to in Maine is October 1st - bring your short barrel side-by-side and a Brittany

  5. I love this. Going hunting in your MG TD. As if it wasn't already cool enough just having an MG TD in the 50s or 60s. Where did they put the guns on their way back and forth?

  6. I love this article! One of my favorite things about this blog is learning new things! Thank you!!