Sunday, March 11, 2018


Maine Coast, Mid 1980s - Photos by Salt Water New England
Approaches to shorts, including when to wear them (or if at all), and with what, vary widely.  Sources of shorts include:


  • Patagonia Men's 
    • Stand Up Shorts, 7" 
    • All Wear Shorts, 9"
  • Brooks Brothers <Link>


On Wearing Shorts

Shorts should reach to the top of the anterior region of the knee. Do avoid pleats, however. (Katahdin) 
Just above the knee is my preference with a tailored fit/look. Polo shirts and t-shirts untucked, shirts tucked in with a nice leather or webbing belt.  (Mad Dogs and Englishmen) 
Patagonia Stand-Up shorts are my go-to shorts. They wear like iron and are the most comfortable short I own.  If I have to look "presentable" and can still wear shorts, then a pair of Brooks Brothers patchwork madras usually fits the bill. I prefer length to be either 7" or 9". (Gary) 
I get my shorts from LL Bean, but most sailors I know swear by Camet shorts, designed especially for sailors. They're quick-drying and even have places for foam pads for a long periods sitting on the rail as "rail meat" when sailing close-hauled! (Hearthstone Farm)

Shorts in Salt Water New England (1950s to Present)


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