Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dubarry Donegal Boots

Photos by Salt Water New England
These comfortable, shorter leather Donegal boots are fleece lined for warmth and have Gore-Tex to make them waterproof.  These are Women's and they also make them for Men.
Warm and Dry
Love that you featured the DuBarry boots too. I love mine...nothing more waterproof, hardworking and yet great to look at. I wouldn't be without a pair. Etienne fixed me up with mine at the Royal Male in Newport. - Alexandra 
The Donegal boots are calf height and have a fleece lining. 
From the comment section:
If you live someplace that's cold, gets a lot of snow, you need something that's warm & waterproof, consider Dubarry boots. I bought some in Saratoga two years ago, have worn them in 15 inches of snow, rain and ice. My feet have never gotten cold or wet. They are expensive so if you have to have something new or fashionable every year, this isn't the brand for you, but they are the great boots and apparently last for years.  - HoosaPrep
I like the dubarry boots, best wintertime investment ever.  - Ann
Go Dubarry! I live in those boots all winter long!  - Anonymous
DuBarrys are great. I've had mine for several years now and haven't regretted the purchase for a minute. They have a heavy tread & stay dry even while walking in torrential rain and snow. I wear wool socks and haven't had cold or wet feet yet. - sara 
These might be the best pair of workplace compatible snow boots I have ever seen. - Anonymous

The finger pull and Lycra make for a quick and easy on and off.