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Friday, December 11, 2015

How Online Communities Begin. And How They End.

This following quote from host Leo Laporte gives a succinct example of how online communities begin, the role they can serve, and how they end:

 Leo Laporte (Yale), This Week In Tech:
The WELL was a... very early social network.  It was started by The Whole Earth catalog folks.  And it was a wonderful community.  It descended, like every Internet community does, into flame wars, baiting, and trolling...  I think it might still be around – but it's not in the same form...

...I never go back to sites that encourage trolling - and you know the ones that do, for clicks or LOLs.  Who would?  They are the worst...  There are some sections of major, credible newspaper [that] put up troll bait articles...  We don't tolerate trolling here.  Even if it made business sense, it’s just not who we are.  It’s not how I was brought up... But it doesn’t make business sense.  You have to moderate and have ethical standards if you want to attract the best and brightest, in fact anyone with self-respect...  [Otherwise] here come the misogynists, the racists.. all of the haters with a lot of free time...  The worst sites belong to the bitter fanboys, people with nothing to lose ... the ones who are always stealing other people’s photographs...  That’s the easiest tip-off.  90% of the troll sites would go away if Google blocked sites that ripped off other people’s pictures, not that I am suggesting it...  What a sewer.   Those who thought the Internet would be place where everything would get disinfected in the light - and I was one of them - have just been proven wrong.