Photo by Salt Water New England

Monday, December 1, 2014

Before Harvard College, Before The Great and General Court, Before...

9th Great Grandfathers Governor John Winthrop and Deputy Governor Thomas Dudley became church members #1 and #2 on July 30, 1630.  Photos by Salt Water New England
The first ship of the Winthrop Fleet, the Arbella (or the “Admiral”), arrived at Nahumkeck  (Salem) and Cape Ann on June 12, 1630.
The Puritans of The Massachusetts Bay Company founded:
  • The Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, (October 19, 1630 in Boston);  
  • The first school,  Boston Latin School (April 23, 1635);  and
  • Harvard College - originally “New College” or “The College at New Towne” (October 28, 1636, although some say September).
But even before those:
  • “Winthrop set aside July 30[, 1630] as a day of Prayer. On this day, Winthrop, Dudley, Johnson, and the pastor, John Wilson, drew up and signed a simple church covenant, which became in reality the foundation of the Congregational churches of New England.” (Mary Schuyler Phillips, Colonial Massachusetts, 1916)

Though the current church structures are not original, mostly due to fire (the top one dates from 1838 and this one, from 1927), they still anchor the landscape of most New England villages today.