Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Six Bottles

This Glenfiddich Burleigh Ware promotional water pitcher, made in Great Britain, recalled an MGC story:
While in Scotland, the Laird of Duns Castle wrote an address to a small Edinburgh wine shop on a piece of paper and told me to stop in. “If you want good whiskey to take home, mention my name,” he said quite seriously. In Scotland, whiskey is not to be taken lightly.
I did as I was told and came out of the shop with six bottles: Knockando, Oban, Macallans 30, Bunnahabhain, Lagavulin and Laphroaig. Three of these I had already tasted, along with a most unusual Welsh whiskey while visiting Hay-on-Wye. The Welsh innkeeper had retrieved an ancient bottle hidden behind many others, dusted it off, and poured. “Better than you’ll ever find in Scotland,” she claimed. Of course I told her it was fabulous, even though it tasted like adhesive tape, but the roast lamb that day was fabulous, no white lie needed. 
Anyway, my hoard sat in an old dry sink at home until one day soon after my return, I decided to embark on a health regimen, clearly an extemporaneous decision. I cut out sugar, sodas, all junk food, spirits and took up running. The unopened six bottles I gave away to a friend who had a deep appreciation for fine whiskey and always drank it neat. You should have seen his face as I handed the cardboard box to him. It took him several years to finish them off as he sipped away, one tedious wee dram at a time. 
A final note, if you order food in Scotland with “gravy”, this means that whiskey will be added to your dish. At least that’s what the Laird told me, and he was a serious man, especially when it came to whiskey. 
- MGC 


  1. What a great story! I read it aloud to my husband, a son of Scotland and a lover of good whisky. HIs comment was, 'What a sad story.' I responded, 'What a lucky friend!' I hope the benefits of the health regimen made up for the loss of all that glorious Scotch.

  2. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing MGC. N from VA

  3. I believe I shall embark on my own health regimen that will include a wee dram each day! ARH

  4. I like MGC stories as much as I dislike whiskey.

  5. agree with the comment on welsh whiskey. had one last year. will never try another