Sunday, October 29, 2017

Near Greenville Maine, October, 1978

Original Photographs from Archives

A reader shared:
The moose warning signs near me read "Night Danger 100km Danger de Nuit." Moose safety was a significant concern for us in selecting a new car, since we've moved out of the city and into a rural town that borders a provincial park in prime moose territory. Almost everyone in town has had a moose collision or a near miss. 
One of the Swedish motoring magazines puts vehicles to what it calls the "elk test," which includes swerving to avoid an animal that starts into the road unexpectedly and a full-on impact with the weight of the moose coming through the windshield. I cannot read Swedish so the results were wasted on me, but anyone with a Swedish connection who is looking for a vehicle to drive in moose or elk country might wish to look into the ratings further. Of course, the best protection is prevention, but they really can dart out onto the highway very suddenly. 
Moose sightings are still cause for excitement for me, but I'm happiest to enjoy them from a respectful distance. (JSL)

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