Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fisherman Links Stitch Cardigan from Blarney Woollen Mills - Made in Ireland

Made in Ireland
Ireland's Blarney Woollen Mills offers this Fisherman Links Stitch Cardigan.  They refer to it as sumptuous, and it does indeed feel that way.   Made of one hundred percent extra-fine merino wool, it - as with so many of Blarney's items - feels good to wear.
Shown here in Pearl Grey, it also comes in Charcoal.
It can be worn indoors in colder weather, or,  as it is shown below, sized up and worn as an outer layer.  Sleeve length is generous.

Links Stitch Cardigan Sent By Blarney Woollen Mills


  1. This is fabulous! I have a similar navy St. James cardigan that I wear to death. I feel I need this!

  2. I want this! I have a navy sweater/jacket from Woolovers that I love. This would be a nice addition.