Sunday, July 2, 2017

Yale Plate

"Souvenir of Yale - Old Brick Row"
This Yale plate was made in Staffordshire, England for New Haven's Edw. Malley Company.

c. Early 1900's

Inside New Haven's  Malley's, 1965 (The Edw. Malley Co., Original Photograph from Archives)


  1. We have several sets of college plates, one for my Mom's college (Vassar), one for my sister's (Bryn Mawr), and one for mine (Williams). I think they are all Wedgewood. I don't think any have ever been used, but they are fun to have and look at, and bring back memories of a different age.

  2. Encouraged by your site to use my good stuff (since the next generation won't want it anyway), I took my Wedgewood Mount Holyoke china out and use it everyday. It's beautiful and reminds me of a very special place.

  3. Different generations going to various schools have resulted in a collection of college-themed tchotchke in my family. The quality of the items often tells of their age. I have a heavy twill silk Skidmore head scarf with a charming campus depiction; an impeccable rolled hem and crisp colors like it was made yesterday. It was a gift from a dear friend, whose mother, a hip '50s English Lit grad, was one of the wittiest people I have ever met. When I wear it, I am so proud to have something that symbolized her happy days in school - it's got that energy.