Saturday, July 15, 2017

Favorite Place to Swim?

Mother, The Bahamas, Mid-1960s - All Original Photographs from Archives

Swimming Loosely Defined

Mid-Coast Maine Swimming Hole, Late 1970s

The Icy Waters of Penobscot Bay - Mid 1960s

Newport Harbor

Lake Winnipesaukee in the 1940s....

...and at Present

Mid-Coast Maine - Early 2000s

The Cape - The Seventies

Swimming in a Massachusetts Stream, 1959

The Bahamas - Mid 1960s

The Connecticut Shore - c. 1912

Kenya - Early 80s

The Connecticut Shore - c.1912

The Cape - 1958

The Connecticut Shore - 1940s

Early 1980s Maine Summer Camp Counselor Canoe Race - Ivy League Competition.  Cornell Cheated.  Chaos Ensued.

Swimming Indoors (Such as Here, at Hef''s in Chicago - 1960s)

Connecticut Shore, Mid-1960s


  1. Swimming pool at our house, in my younger days The Wedge Newport Beach, on big days just amazing.

  2. Penns Creek, Weikert PA and Coco Point, Barbuda

  3. There is a certain bridge on Martha's Vineyard that is just plain fun!

  4. Little Parakeet Bay, or any of the more sheltered beaches on Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

    Kelly's Bathtube (google image it) is a nice freshwater option with a view much closer to home.

  5. None of my experiences have compared to the comfort of swimming in my grandmother's lake in Mississippi. She called it "the pond" and I call the lake I'm on right now "the pond" just to make the kids crazy. Sometimes the water was an even brown after a rain. Sometimes, it was a thick algae green. It was always stratified in the hot months, so that our legs felt the cold and our bodies the warmth. I suppose you would have to be a native of the deep South to appreciate that sort of swim?

  6. Too good (post). Lovely and evocative mixed with the slightly risqué. Loved it. N from Va