Friday, July 21, 2017

Breaking in Boots


  1. I find that Le Chameau do not require much break in, if indeed the rubber can break in at all. With a good sock, they are very comfortable and much less "clammy" as one would expect. Just do never wear them without socks. I made that rookie mistake once and they sucked onto my feet like giant suction cups and it took a very long time and quite a bit of effort to free them.

    Where I live in Acton, MA, we have quite a bit of ticks and so I like wearing Wellies so that they cannot get onto my skin. Pants tucked into high socks, Wellies over them.

    Leather boots require much more time and attention. I usually stick to Bean Boots and Wellies. My only leather boots are hikers.

    All the best.

  2. My Le Chameau leather boots never really got broken in. It makes me sad, since they are beautiful. Of course I still wear them - beauty is pain! Lol!

    My Dubarrys were heaven right out of the box.

  3. Them thar boots look like they were meant for walkin' !

  4. Thank you for this post! I was beginning to wonder if my Le Chameau boots would ever break in - I guess not, but I do love them! My LLBean green wellies from 20+ years ago are my real go to boot for practicality.