Saturday, June 24, 2017

What Is On Your Blazer Buttons?


  1. My present blazer has buffalo horn buttons. Love 'em.

  2. When we were first married I bought my husband a set of monogrammed blazer buttons from Brooks Brothers. If anyone is looking for college, university or prep school blazer buttons or cufflinks, Ben Silver has a great collection.

  3. Ben Silver stocks cloisonne buttons for a wide variety of North American schools and colleges. J. Press stocks both embroidered badges and unenameled, bas-relief buttons for the Ivy League colleges.

    Recently bought a new blazer, well-made if conventional: Two-button front, single-breasted, center-vented, Bemberg lining.

    I decided to personalize it with a new set of buttons to reflect my alma mater: Didn't buy my set of Dartmouth buttons at Press, but like those they stock, mine carry the College's shield and motto, and came with three front buttons, consistent with Press's "three-roll-two" jacket design.