Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cut Flowers

Go into the most scruffy, unkempt, impoverished manor house in any part of England, and you will find an abundance of cut flowers in almost every room.  While mice eat the books and mushrooms grow out of the paintings, flowers - on the piano, in the window, on the sideboard - hold up their heads in defiance of fate.   
-  Christopher Simon Sykes 


  1. That Christopher Simon Sykes comment made me feel like less of a sloven ... my crumbly old house is so hard to keep clean (can't afford hired help) but I always have a fresh bouquet of garden flowers on the old pine kitchen table. Currently it's the ancient but flourishing "Apothecary Rose" -- the fragrance is so lovely that maybe you won't notice the grungy floor.

    1. Same here. My husband is battling an illness, and I am still trying to recover from a car accident that happened two years ago. It is so hard to keep our 3-acre property looking nice with everything else we are juggling.