Friday, May 5, 2017


Maine Ride - Original Photograph from Archives


  1. Our '96 Volvo 850 wagon spends most of it's days sitting in the garage waiting for someone to need it again. Our kids still call it "The Car Car". It has not a speck of rust.

  2. Our '93 Volvo 850 (with third seat facing the rear) was a complete lemon. Instead of sitting in our garage, I waited in a garage for service more than I would like to remember over 7 years. My husband swore we would never own another Volvo until we test drove our current XC70, which has been a dream. My kids' friends often reminisce about sitting in the back seat of that old green tank as I hauled them around while all the other parents were driving minivans. Those were the days!

  3. I had one like that--one of the four Volvos I've had. The local Volvo dealer closed, so I got a Lexus this time :(

  4. We skipped over that model, going straight to a V-70, replaced only last Christmas. We had previously driven a 240 wagon, which we ran for 18 years. My son once commented that you could tell how old it was because it had no cup holders. For the present, we have only an S-60 in the family.

    1. Ha! I was reminiscing with my son about some of the cars my father used to buy for a song so my brother and I could use - Renault 12, MG Midget - none of which had a cup holder that I can remember. Thinking back, where the heck did I put my cups?