Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Reds; Nantucket Reds From Murray's Toggery; What to Wear With Nantucket Reds; and Alternatives

All Pictures Are Original and From Archives

Reader questions about Reds include:

Q: Are Nantucket Reds the standard, and what are alternatives?

Q; What is the difference between Nantucket Reds and Brenton Reds?

Q: When is the correct time to wear Reds?

Q: How should you wear Reds so as not to look like a tourist or not wearing a costume?

Q: Should you cuff Reds?

Q: Can you wear Reds for the males in a wedding party, and if so, with what?

Some sources of Reds include:

Salt Water New England Gallery 

Nantucket Reds change color with age, salt, and sun.  Women's new canvas Nantucket Reds behind; slightly seasoned Women's poplin Nantucket Reds in front.

With Striped Button Downs and Code Flags

With Navy or White Polo Shirts

With Seersucker

With Oxford Cloth Button Downs

With Norwegian Birdseye Crew neck Sweaters

With Wool Aran Crew Neck

"Sherman Hoyt, wearing his famous red pants, shouts "Luff! Luff, for God's sake Luff!" to Vanderbilt as Sopwith tries to stop Rainbow passing. But Vanderbilt carried straight on, and because Sopwith was slow hoisting his protest flag, he was allowed to sail away with the vital fourth race." - 1934 Rainbow (New York Yacht Club) defeats Endeavour (Royal Yacht Squadron)

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