Thursday, April 27, 2017

In Case Your Missed It...

L.L. Bean's Outstanding Bootmobile Driver, Keith Smith, Here in Damariscotta - All Original Photographs from Archives
Whether to save old structures, replace old structures with new, or replace new structures with newer structures depends on where you live.
  • Colby College plans $200 million athletic complex with first Olympic-size pool in Maine <>
  • As Amish move to Whitefield, road signs warn of horse-drawn buggies - Portland Press Herald <>

A Wedding at the Hyatt Regency Newport, Goat Island


  1. Black to a wedding, the tree dudes look like heavy hitters...

  2. I found it fascinating that the Amish are migrating to Maine - welcome to my world! The Amish and Mennonite communities are intregral to the areas in Pennsylvania where I grew up and subsequently lived. We all share the road, although the unending complaints and debate over the use of horse manure catches always exists, and we are accustomed to hitching posts at such places as the grocery stores and hospitals. Too, there's the constant issue about their exemption from paying taxes, etc., but overall, there is something grounding about their lifestyle which I have never ceased to be amazed. For example, one day this past winter when schools were delayed due to cold weather, it did not stop the Amish kids who made their way on bicycles to their one-room schoolhouse on time! Keep in mind that Amish/Mennonite women/girls wear only long dresses and ride bicycles all year long, not just in fair weather. Their simplicity and single-minded lifestyle often puts us "English", as they refer to all outsiders, to shame. But don't be fooled, these seemingly "old-fashioned" folk are very shrewd businessmen. They belong to a finely tuned social system that sticks together and takes care of their own exceptionally well. In Central Pennsylvania they are buying up all the farmland at exorbitant prices and paying cash!

    1. On another note - I was greatly disappointed to learn what's going on in the Hamptons. It seems vulgar and detracts from the areas that are still charming. As I imagine the cost of living continues to rise, it's a wonder the farmers and regular folk manage to exist there. Montauk, once spared but no more, from what I hear.

  3. TIL: "Beaver" love it!

  4. I found the article on the Hamptons to be depressing and just plain sad. I dislike ostentation, best I avoid this area.

    Off to read more articles you chose for us.

  5. I love this all this wide assortment of information, thank you!