Friday, April 14, 2017

April Sail

Original Photographs from Archives

Boatyard are getting busier.

The Spectacular TIGRIS Preparing to Cross

Going Ashore for Chowder

Newport Visitors

Back to Boat with Chowder

Recovering from Newport

Deep Waters


  1. Sailboats, a tired pup, clam chowder, and a Tilley Hat in doesn't get much better than that!!!

  2. Sigh! Wonderful post. We've yet to get out on the water this season, and this post makes me even more eager to get out there.

  3. Looks like a wonderful afternoon! I've never been, but does Newport get overrun with visitors pretty often? If so, does it take away from the "feel" of the area--kinda like locals vs. summer rentals? Regardless, it looks like a great time. Thanks for posting.