Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life on the Connecticut Shore: 1960s' Button Down and Loafers

Original Photograph from Archives


  1. Is it me or does the person in this photo resemble another pretty face we often see on here? Apart from being black and white, it's hard to tell this photo is from the 60s - so classic. I love my penny loafers and still have my first pair from high school, pennies intact!

    1. It's worth a mention that the shoes were Bass Weejuns.

  2. Timeless. I've always been a loafer girl.

  3. The best part of a classic wardrobe is the ability to wear it indefinitely. Her look would be as appropriate today as it was then.

    My guess is that this might be Muffy's mother.

  4. Love this lady. She looks like she knows her mind! Loving the proper trousers with a proper waistline. So proper and so hard to find today.... The search for trousers like these on UK shores continues. The only offerings I have found this summer come via china and some sort of plastics factory. Sigh