Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Guardian: Inspector Morse Creator Colin Dexter Dead at 86

Screenshots taken from Inspector Morse Episode "Last Bus to Woodstock", Season 2, Episode 4. Screenshot is the copyright of ITV Studios.
According to The Guardian, Colin Dexter has died at the age of 86:
Dexter was the author of the Inspector Morse mysteries, and made frequent cameo appearances in both Morse and Lewis episodes, such as behind Morse in this screenshot above.


  1. I've read them all; seen all the episodes several times. My favorite television series of all time. Thank you Mr. Dexter.

  2. So sad. I love Inspector Lewis. I can watch that show over and over. I have been wishing for more episodes.

  3. OMG! I just got in from book club, opened my laptop, clicked on your blog and gasped. Tim said, "What's wrong?! I got so choked up I could hardly tell him. "Muffy just told me that Colin Dexter died!" This news is just too sad! But it conjures up many wonderful memories. Thank you Colin Dexter!!! And thank you John Thaw!! :-(

  4. Some of the best television ever: Thursday evenings with the Edward Gorey pen-and-ink titles, the stage-whispered "Mystery - made possible by a generous grant from Mobil Corporation," and Inspector Morse - always up for a pint. It will never be that good again.

    1. True! And speaking of Edward Gorey ~ I would add his home museum in Yarmouth Port on the Cape as a place to visit in New England (for those people mentioned in another post looking for places not to miss while in New England).

  5. I saw John Thaw and Dennis Waterman being filmed in a car chase for an episode of The Sweeney , back in 1975 . It was somewhere around unused London City docks in the East End of the north Thames . My thoughts are with the victims of yesterday's attack :-(

  6. I really miss those Eighties to Early Nineties British TV series: Inspector Morse, Campion, Miss Marple, Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, the Lord Peter Wimsey series, Wooster & Jeeves, Rumpole of the Bailey, etc. They were all really well done. I think my favorite actor of them all was Brian Glover (Lugg) in the Campion series. John Thaw (Morse) and Leo McKern (Rumpole) were a very close second and third.

  7. I always waited for and enjoyed the cameo appearances Dexter borrowed from Hitchcock.


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