Saturday, March 25, 2017

Looking at a Mackintosh or Two

The first rubberised coats were marketed in 1824, revolutionising outerwear. Fifteen years later, when John Charles Cordings opened his first store in The Strand, he immediately saw their potential. He worked with Charles Macintosh to design an exclusive collection of practical and handsome styles for use on horseback and for the increasing number of motorcar drivers. 
- J.C Cording and co Ltd: waterproofers <>

Mackintosh's philosophy is 100% committed to UK manufacturing as well as our age old intricate hand made process. 
- Video: Mackintosh Factory Visit <>

At Newport's Royal Male <>


  1. Thank you for your exposure to so many interesting topics and products. I especially enjoyed the Mackintosh factory video. The painstaking effort, as opposed to mass production, that goes into the quality and workmanship of each piece makes for a beautiful garment to be worn for years and years.

  2. What is the name and location of the store in the last picture?

    1. Royal Male in Newport.
      Mind you, I've never been there, but I recognized the awning in the photo (Muffy also included it under the first photo).

  3. Mackintosh is a venerable English brand saved from extinction by a Japanese buyer. Tokyo-based Yagi Tsusho (who also owns Barbour), wisely kept production of these raincoats in Scotland to continue the heritage of the brand. Like Barbour's waxed cotton, the innerlayer of the Mac has a distinctive odor that one finds either appealing or off-putting, depending on personal taste.

  4. Craftsmanship!! What a joy to see it in action. The video says it all.