Thursday, March 23, 2017

In Case You Missed It...

Wiscasset's Le Garage - 1982 Photograph from Archives
Where the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore used to be (as noted, long a destination for acquiring prep school summer reading books) will now be a Vineyard Vines Store, and other notes:
Summer of '84 Bunch of Grapes Bookstore Purchase


  1. I don't know if this is related. Our azalea bushes which are normally now in bloom, ( no winter in the South this year, the azaleas bloomed in late January ) had no bumblebees. Normally, we can't walk out our door without being bombarded by bees. This year, none, absolutely, none.

  2. Great post. Fantastic list of articles. Thank you for sharing. N from VA

  3. ...I would have rather expanded the book store selection to include a wider assortment; new, used, trading or bartering for...more books!
    A stack of old books and a pot of good tea is a meal in itself- food for the soul.

  4. Two years ago when we were in Scotland and Northern England, there were a few Subarus...however, even in the rural areas French made cars seemed to be the first choice.

  5. In other news - the infused syrups are insanely delicious! I tried all (yes, all - lol) the varieties of Runamok this weekend. Lip-smacking good!

  6. Well, I'm behind the times. I thought Le Garage closed years ago.

    Thanks, Muffy, for thoughtfully put together posts like this. Fun reads.

    I have to say, I am coming around to Vinyard Vines. Their stuff lasts. It drives me totally nuts, though, that they don't adhere to dress codes.... but times move on. At least their stuff is cheery, and Linda Bean has killed L.L.Bean for me.

    Chatsworth. Unbelievable place. And as far as "Don't Marry a Mitford," Unity and Diana I can understand, but Deborah Devonshire..... well, what an amazing woman who was the glue. He was lucky to have her. She held the whole thing together through thick and thin as well as moved it forward. She is tops on my list of people who I would have loved to meet.

    The Peabody has been on my list for years, but it is always just enough off my path when I am up that way.

    I wish I could have experienced travel back in the day on a true luxury liner. I have found the passenger lists of family and ansestors. It's fun to think of the history. One of my favorite pictures is taken of my mother and her grandmother on board the Queen Mary. They traveled with thirty-two suitcases and trunks... one trunk being my great grandmother's bar. Mom was proposed to twice while crossing the Atlantic by, I think, less than sincere men. She ended up meeting a handsom Californian, my father, who was in Austria climbing the Alps.

    Booze in maple syrup sounds great.

    My theory on bees.... cell phone and wireless technology. You may think I am crazy, but look at the time frame. There used to be piles of Monarch butterflies up and down the coast twenty years ago. Just deminished more and more with the advent of cell and wireless usage.

    I was introduced once to David Rockefeller at a friend's wedding in Vienna. Just a very quick insight to an interesting and generous man.

    Lastly, where has MGH gone? I miss his posts.

    All best and thanks.

    1. You may not be too far off the mark about bees. I recently heard a story about a person who can no longer attend a church nearby where they erected a cell tower due to the electromagnetic fields that have caused him severe headaches. According to my research, we are exposed to 100 million times the amount of radiation than our grandparents. How can this not be effecting the ecosystem?

  7. I love this post! Thank you for the wonderful list of articles; I'll add these to my weekend reading. Would love to see this as a regular feature.

  8. But I LIKED the Forester's "shrunken SUV" shape.