Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fisher Redux

Does this morning's fisher sighting off the front porch, slightly more than one year after the last sighting, portend another longer visit, or is it just taking a cursory sniff around the hen house?


  1. Now I REALLY want to come back to New England to try and see one of these.

  2. I once lost the better part of a flock of hens to a nighttime marauder. ‘Fisher cat,’ my elderly neighbor announced after performing a forensic analysis of the crime scene. He apparently came to this conclusion based on the method of kill. It was a devastating loss. The remaining hens were moved to a coup inside the horse barn, where the Great Pyrenees barn dogs and the barn cat kept them safe from further mass murders. I never saw the fisher.

  3. That is one animal I've never seen from either the front of the house or the back of the house. There are even beaver near the house, although they seem to come and go. Even foxes put in an appearance now and then. I've never seen any bears or lions but I figure it's only a matter of time. There are bears in the county, I was told by an animal control officer.