Saturday, February 11, 2017

Companionway Stairs as Table

A response to companionway stairs as table:
"You know, I was thinking that to make the companionway stairs more authentic, you might put a few books under one side of it to replicate being heeled over on starboard tack.  Then, every hour or so you could change the books to the other side to be heeled over on port tack.  Then, every few hours you could dump a bucket full of ice cold water over someone’s head as they try to walk up the uneven, slippery stairs."


  1. In house/screened sleeping porch, placed sideways at end of bed/couch; dog/cat stairs?

  2. I think they're brilliant. Of course they're made of marine-grade mahogany which is a great furniture wood, and I'm sure they have more than a few fun and/or harrowing stories worn into them, so why not bring them indoors. They go well with the corner's nautical theme and add a touch of the outdoors. Now only if they were the last things that remained of your boat after it was shipwrecked on some uncharted desert island... That would be a story to tell.

  3. As the old saying goes: the only people who stand in the companionway are admirals and assh@les.

    Of course now I need a set of companionway steps.


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