Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Good Time of Year for Quoddy's Resoling Service from Lewiston, Maine

New Molded Soles on Their Classic Boat Shoe
For those who take advantage of Quoddy's resoling and repair service, now is a good time to do it.   They will resole your Quoddy boat shoes (or other molded sole shoes), replace the laces, and condition the leather.   Fees includes the cost for shipping both ways, and the customer service is, as always, very helpful.
Replaced as Well

A Good Time Of Year To Get Them Ready For The Upcoming Season


  1. This is the test of a quality company - one that would rather repair an item before they try to sell you a new one! So refreshing in light of the disposable culture we live in.

  2. I always kick myself that I didn't pick up a pair of these when we stopped in Quoddy on our way back to my in laws in Canada. That ferry service have breathtaking views.


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