Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Single Image: School Letter, Field Hockey

Letters should just come already covered in dog hair.


  1. My mother also earned a letter in Field Hockey (University City High School, 1955). I can remember looking at it as a small boy and hoping I would someday earn a "Letter." In St. Louis, some of the guys were still wearing Lettermen's Sweaters in the mid 70's, but those gave way to the typical Varsity Jacket: Melton wool body with leather sleeves and snap closure. The really old varsity jackets had buttons. In addition, we had letters in two sizes; large ones for varsity sports and smaller ones for junior varsity. You could only wear one of each on your jacket, but were allowed chenille stripes on your sleeves for each additional varsity letter you earned. You were also allowed the little golden pin signifying each sport you lettered in.

  2. No outfit, or home decor, is complete without pet hair. --Holly in PA