Thursday, January 5, 2017

Now Is The Time To Sign Up For Farm-Share/Community Supported Agriculture Programs

Many farm-shares and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs are now taking members for 2017. Some sources for New England CSAs:


  1. I love these pictures, especially of the purple potatoes. We grow much of our own food on our little farm and grew that variety of potatoes for the first time last summer. They make the most interesting mashed potatoes! Along with CSAs and farmer's markets, some of our nearby neighborhoods also have weekly garden swaps with free produce in the summer. The photos on your blog evoke such positive and warm feelings in me; they're like turning the pages of my favorite coffeetable books daily. Thank you for sharing your New England life with us all.

  2. Thank you for these pictures, I agree with Preppy, the images do make the day so much better. My "wallpaper" is still the one shot of; small table leg, assorted boots, basket of vegetables,stack of egg cartons in a basket sitting on an old beautiful woven rug.
    Thanks again!