Saturday, January 21, 2017

Luff! Luff, for God's sake Luff!

1934 Rainbow (New York Yacht Club) defeats Endeavour (Royal Yacht Squadron)
Sherman Hoyt, wearing his famous red pants, shouts "Luff! Luff, for God's sake Luff!" to Vanderbilt as Sopwith tries to stop Rainbow passing. But Vanderbilt carried straight on, and because Sopwith was slow hoisting his protest flag, he was allowed to sail away with the vital fourth race.

As an aside:
On May the 15th 1934, the William Starling Burgess Design J Class Rainbow was launched at the Herreshoff Yard in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. She was built to defend the America’s Cup against “Endeavour” in 1934. The first 2 races were tough for Rainbow but the last 4 races she beat the Challenger Endeavour.  
- J. Class Yachts <>


  1. I am utterly in luff with this post, and this image.

    1. I just recently added this one to my repertoire: ''Don't get/be fuld!''

      In reference to Lehman Brothers' final CEO Richard S. Fuld Jr.

      ''Fuld was nicknamed the "Gorilla" on Wall Street for his competitiveness.[6] Condé Nast Portfolio ranked Fuld number one on their Worst American CEOs of All Time list, stating he was "belligerent and unrepentant".[7] Fuld was also named in Time magazine's list of "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis".[8]'' - Wikipedia

  2. If you have not yet visited tha Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol, RI, I would highly recommend it. Wonderful collection of restored Herreshoff boats, plus the America's Cup Hall of Fame.

  3. It's hard to comprehend the enormity of those old J-class yachts. With an overall length of 126 ft. and masts exceeding 100 ft., they prowled the ocean like mythical creatures. In heavy winds, the sound of their sails was deafening. MGC

  4. Wonderful post. As both a lover of sailing and a former history major, this was right up my proverbial alley.

  5. I second Rich Reynold's suggestion to visit the HMM. A good friend of ours is the Director. As a personal aside, my husband staged A3 outside.