Thursday, December 29, 2016

Storm and Interview Tips from Bangor Maine Police Department

Early 1970's - Original Photographs from Archives
In order to make ourselves more interesting to the summer people, they expect a certain level of Maine “flavor” when they see you being interviewed about the upcoming winter storms. If you are interviewed by local or national media, here are some tips that I have employed in my not so successful career as a public information officer from Maine. 
1. While being interviewed, make sure there is a shovel somewhere in the camera shot. People want to believe we always have a shovel. This in turn makes them feel badly for us and when they return in the summer and they will tip better at our local restaurants.... <continue reading on their Facebook page...>
- Bangor Maine Police Department <>


  1. I know you're prepared , but be safe!

  2. Send some down to VA...Happy New Year !

  3. I love these guys!The Duck of Justice and Got Warrants never fail to brighten my day!