Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sacking the Terrier - Early 1960s

Original Photograph from Archives
The fox hunt - it's wonderful.  You're out there early in the morning and riding behind the huntsman and the whip.  The best thing about hunting is just to hear the hounds when they get the scent of the fox.   
There is nothing better than the formal old fox-hunt on a cold winter day - joining with 140 to 160 others on opening day at Golden Bridge on the New York line or at Midlebury and Litchfield. 
Running down a fox can take up to 90 minutes, an entire hunt four to six hours - ridding the area of pesky foxes. 
The terriers don't run with the hounds.  You just carry them in that little sack I wore.  When the hounds ground a fox you can take this terrier out and send him into the fox hole.  He chases the fox out of the place and then the hunt starts all over again.  Whisky will stop when you call.   You pick them up and sack them again.  It's quite a trick to getting them used to the riding and jumping and everything else. 
- Don Fournier
Mrs. Fournier's drop-eared Norwich Terrier (now called the Norfolk Terrier) took best of breed at Madison Square Garden.

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