Monday, December 26, 2016

For Boxing Day

Original Photograph from Archives


  1. Thank you for opening up your comment section again; it is a wonderful gift to your loyal followers!

    Hope you don't mind if I share my newly discovered New England story. Upon retirement, I've become absorbed in the hobby of genealogy. Have found my roots are deeply ingrained w/ the founding of America. 95% of my known 240 great-grandparents arrived during The Great British Migration (1630-1660). Two grandparents are Mayflower passengers (possibly six). Many arrived w/ John Winthrop's Fleet. Nineteen grandfathers are found in Wikipedia, and one in Encyclopedia Britannica. Many of their names are inscribed on founding fathers' monuments in the following cities: Hartford, New London, and Windsor, CT and Charlestown, Rehoboth, Sandwich and Wethersfield, MA.

    Some of my notable New England great-grandfathers: Captain James Avery. Samuel Chapin. Edward Devotion. Deacon John Doane. Edmund Freeman. Rev. Edmund Hobart of Old Ship Church. Governor John Leverett (Massachusetts Bay Colony). Major-General John Mason. Thomas Minor. George Morton II (Separatist). Walter Palmer. Governor Thomas Prence (Plymouth Colony), and Joseph Weld, etc.

    Of course many of them fought in the Pequot and King Philip's Wars. This is what I love about genealogy; not only discovering my ancestry but revisiting the history of America.

    Even though I grew up in Michigan, have always had an affinity towards New England. Your Salt Water of New England website, satisfies the ancestral memories embedded in my DNA.

    Happy & Healthy 2017!

  2. So happy to see comments return! cheers!!

  3. Yay! Comments section has returned. It was always frustrating to read your interesting articles and view the fascinating photos (love the 50's & 60's photos the most) and not be able to appreciate them in writing. I'm a Mid-Hudson NY native but always feel at home whenever we visit New England (hmmm...maybe in a "previous" life I lived there?) Happy New Year! AnnZee