Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Waxing, Before and After

Old Barbour Waxing: Before (Left) and After (Right)
Perhaps the most satisfying time to own a garment is after it is broken-in and before it is worn out. With so many modern products, that sweet spot has been reduced to well under a season.

Waxing can not only prolong that broken-in stage for decades, but can bring a Barbour back, somewhat, from being completely worn out.  This 1980s Gamefair had originally enjoyed light service, the most rigorous of which included scheduling regattas and races in Nonquitt.  It was eventually passed on to the next generation and for rougher use, where it witnessed the birth of many lambs, helped in the mending of many a stone wall, and served as protection against the earth under many tractors being repaired.

It has been handed down again. A good waxing filled in the holes and brought back wind and water protection, while maintaining the hard earned patina of its not inconsiderable experiences.  Now it is back in a more gentle role, hopefully for decades of continued use.