Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Quoddy Shoes - Hand Sewn in Maine

Bluchers - An Autumn Essential
At a time when many other providers of these shoes are well along their "race to the bottom" strategy, Quoddy continues to set the bar for quality.

Quoddy's specialty is made-to-order, and their website makes it easy for people to design their own shoes and boots,  One can choose the color of each of the individual parts - upper leather; upper shaft panel; midsole, thread, hardware, laces and lining.

People accustomed to lesser quality items may be surprised at how long Quoddy shoes last.  Many talk in terms not of a season or two but a decade or two.  And Quoddy offers a very easy-to-use, reasonably priced resoling service for even longer life.

Men's Classic Boat Shoe, Brown

These quintessential boat shoes are very comfortable and long lasting.


This Blucher is, for many, their first pair of Quoddys.  The design is as versatile and classic as a pair of khakis or an oxford shirt.

The shoes are individually made by hand, so you can design your own, and select from eighteen options of Horween leather or suede.

For people who live in boat shoes during the summer, bluchers are the natural transition to the rest of the year.   Shown here:
  • Upper : Horween Chromexcel / Brown
  • Sole Type : Camp Sole
  • Sole Color :Redbrick
  • Thread : Natural
  • Hardware : Antique Brass
  • Lace : Rawhide / Chestnut
  • Lining : Tan Glove Leather
Leather Upper Shown Above in Horween Chromexcel Brown with Redbrick Camp Sole

Rawhide Laces in Chestnut, Natural Thread and Tan Glove Leather Lining
 Those who wear their bluchers without socks will find the tan glove leather lining to be slipper-like in softness.

Vibram Camp Sole

Women's Boat Moc (Quoddy Link)

Quoddy Slippers for Men and Women

Women's Spillcollar Slipper
While the Bluchers may be many people's first pair of Quoddys, slippers might account for most of the rest.  Lightweight, handsewn, and extremely comfortable, these slippers are ready to ship which makes them a perfect holiday gift from Quoddy.

Men's Fireside Camp Slipper

Many People's First Quoddys - Handsewn and Resolable - All Done in Maine
These slippers come in whole sizes.  Quoddy recommends sizing up for half sizes.

Soft Twin Face Shearling and Hand Cut Vibram Air-injected Rubber Sole

The Quoddy Telos Chukka for Men

Tough, Beautiful, and Made in Maine
The boots shown are the final product of the follow selections:
  • Horween Chromexcel Brown #19 Print
  • Tan Glove Leather Lining
  • Black Vibram Mini Lug Sole
  • Brown Midsole
  • Rawhide / Cofee Lace
  • Dark Brown Thread
  • Antique Brass Hardware

The Quoddy Camp Shoe For Men

Quoddy has introduced their new Camp Shoe.  It joins their line of crossover shoes and boots that builds on the traditional Quoddy strengths of comfortable moccasin construction and very high quality materials with styles that are at home on campus, in design studios, in the field, or with professionals who are often on the move.
Horween® Leather and True Handsewn Moccasin Construction

A Vibram® Air-injected Rubber Outsole with a Grippy Nub Pattern
Custom design your own pair.  Shown here:
  • Upper : Horween® Chromexcel / Brown #19 Print
  • Sole Type : Vibram Aircalla Wrap
  • Sole Color : Vibram Aircalla Wrap / Brown
  • Thread : Natural
  • Hardware : Antique Brass
  • Lace : Rawhide / Chestnut
  • Lining : BrownGloveLeather
The Very Comfortable Camp Shoe

Made in Maine

The Quoddy Camp Boot for Men

The Camp Boot combine the greater protection of an ankle boot with the flexibility of true moccasin construction.   The natural beauty of Horween leather, skilled craftsmanship, and Vibram Aircalla wrap sole create a good looking, light-weight, and comfortable boot with tremendous fit and finish.
Design your Camp Boot by choosing your own Horween leather upper, sole, thread, hardware, and lace color.

Rustproof Hardware
Shown here:
  • Upper : Horween Cavalier / Whiskey
  • Sole Type : Vibram Aircalla Wrap
  • Sole Color : Vibram Aircalla Wrap / Tan
  • Thread : Natural
  • Hardware : Antique Brass
  • Lace : Rawhide / Chestnut
  • Lining : TanGloveLeather
Air-injected Vibram® Aircalla Rubber Sole

Lined with Beautiful, Soft Glove Leather

Made by Hand in Maine

The Quoddy Campadrille for Women

Shown in Sand Suede Upper Leather with Brown #19 Print Collar
The Campadrille for Women are slip-on shoes that are sewn by hand in Maine from the finest Horween leather and suedes.

The Campadrille combines a smart design with Quoddy's moccasin construction, including an exceptionally soft lining and Poron cushioning, resulting in a surprisingly comfortable shoe suitable for a wide range of venues. These are made to order and you can design your own from their extensive collection of upper leathers and collars.

  • Upper : HH Suede / Sand
  • Collar : Horween® Chromexcel / Brown #19 Print
  • Sole Type : Handsewn Horween Chromepak Sole
  • Sole Color : Handsewn Horween Chromepak Sole / Natural Brown
  • Thread : Dark Brown X Stitch
  • Lining : Tan Glove Leather

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