Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Life On The Connecticut Shore: Duck Shooting, 1960's

Original Photographs from Archives
From a note:
"Don was quite a goose hunter and a contemporary of my father’s.    
There is an old gun club just South of Essex on the river.  He was quite active in that.  It was a time when men hunted in the fall, and varnished in the Spring.  Years ago, between the wars, the swells would come down from Hartford and spend the night at the Dauntless Club.  Have a great dinner, and then early the next day go to the gun club for the morning flight.  Shoot until about 10, go back to the gun club (Where there was a steward!), have a grand breakfast followed by a nap.  Then back to the blind for the evening flight.  Back to the Dauntless for dinner number two, and then back to Hartford."