Sunday, September 11, 2016

True Hand-Knit Aran Sweaters for Men and Women from Blarney Woollen Mills - Made in Ireland

Naturally water repellent, these sweaters were originally designed for Irish fishermen.
Ireland's Blarney Woollen Mills offers these superb Aran sweaters, hand-knit by Irish knitters in Donegal, Ireland, a county known for its rugged beauty on the shores of the Atlantic.
Aran sweaters that are authentically hand-knit are increasingly rare as they are so labor intensive; each sweater takes between forty and fifty hours to knit.  These are the most substantial of sweaters, very warm, very comfortable, and not as prone to the stretching found in many machine made versions.

This Aran jumper/ sweater is made from locally sourced, 100% pure new wool.

A Men's Size Medium

In Natural

Traditional Aran Stitches

Named for the Aran Islands, 6 miles off of the west coast of Ireland in Galway Bay

Each sweater comes with a card hand signed by the knitter.

There is a slight difference in patterns - Women's Arans above are on top and the bottom, the Men's is in the middle.
Men's Aran Sweater sent by Blarney Woollen Mills.

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