Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mystic By Sea

Whenever possible, it seems better to see a place by water than land or air.  The pacing is more leisurely, but one fills each hour with so many more observations.  One such example is Mystic Seaport, which reveals itself to be constructed in a spot where no real seaport would have made even remote sense.

And while the views of any more modern structures can all look the same - floor to ceiling windows - the older houses, churches, and businesses present their architecture and mature yards openly and with little obfuscation.

There is also a greater responsibility to leave less of a wake, literally and metaphorically.  Unlike the more insulated motorists, quarantined in interstate highways or by roadside walls, one does feel more connected to the properties, however briefly.  One can be eating lunch on deck close to someone in their yard doing the same.t

Travel has changed much, obviously.  But traveling through neighborhoods by boat may give one the best of both worlds, modern conveniences while still be connected to what is around you.