Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Pemaquid, Maine

Originally built in 1827, it had to be rebuilt eight years later.  Apparently mortar should  never be mixed with salt water.

One can see 14 nautical miles from here.
Terminal: Ancestors survived the shipwreck of the Angel Gabriel - a 240 ton English passenger galleon - which sank during the Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635 off of what is now Pemaquid Point, then a "rudimentary trading post". 

Even today, every once in a while a tourist gets lost to the crashing waves.   There are plenty of warning signs posted to that effect.  It is "at your own risk".

 Adjacent to the lighthouse is the Fisherman's Museum in the former lighthouse keeper's quarters.

Fish House Room

New Room

The Gallery

It is an amazing story of Providence and the skill of English seamen that dozens of Atlantic ocean passages were made in little wooden ships bringing our Puritan ancestors to America almost without mishap in the 1630's; the unhappy exception being the harrowing story of the Angel Gabriel, 1635... 
- Winthrop Society 
The ship the Angel Gabriel "- of 240 tons and carrying 16 guns- left Milford Haven with The James on June 22 and was headed for New England".  A few passengers were lost in that shipwreck, as were virtually all of the cattle, horses, and other supplies that were on board.  If only she had been anchored in the inner harbor...

A different passenger had this story:
A man by the name of Bailey, a passenger on the Angel Gabriel, left his wife in the "old country" and was going to settle in New England and then send for his wife.  "Though he escaped from the wreck unhurt, his mind was deeply affected by his narrow escape, and he wrote to his wife such a doleful account of the storm and shipwreck, that she never could be persuaded to undertake the voyage, even to join her husband.  And as he was too timid to risk himself again on the stormy Atlantic, they remained separate the rest of their lives."
- The Lincoln County News
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Monhegan Island is ten miles off shore.  One can take the Hardy Boat from nearby New Harbor, the shortest crossing distance to Monhegan

Pemaquid Point shares Maine's quarter with VICTORY CHIMES.
Bristol, Formerly Known as Pemaquid
These rocks were, as so many coastal New England natural landmarks, scraped north to south by the glaciers.