Friday, February 17, 2017

Updating the S.W.N.E. Acronym List, 2017

A few acronyms*:
  • B2 (as in BSquared) - Brooks Bros.
BDA - Bermuda
  • G&T - Gin and Tonic
  • GTH - Go To Hell (Pants)
  • HENRYs - High Earners, Not Rich Yet
  • LAX - Lacrosse (not the airport)
  • NOKD -   Not Our Kind Dear

  • NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
  • OCBD - Oxford Cloth Button Down
  • OEUE - Over Educated, Under Employed
  • OSV - Old Sturbridge Village;  for those who love to study New England farming life <>
  • PEI - Prince Edward Island (Oyster)
  • TDF - To Die For
  • WASP - White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
  • WHOI - funny acronym for a very serious place—the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute <>
  • ___YC - Fill-in-the-blank Yacht Club

*The colloquial definition of acronym is being used here.  Technically,  an acronym is an abbreviation that is spoken as a word (radar, NASA) rather than spoken spelled out.


  1. Forgot BDA - Bermuda and USVI - US Virgin Islands and CC - Cape Cod

  2. Head of the Charles (HOTC), United States Polo Association (USPA), New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championships (NEIRA)

  3. From Whit Stillman's brilliant Metropolitan: UHB. Urban Haute Bourgeoisie. "Is our language so impoverished that we have to use acronyms of French phrases to make ourselves understood?"..... "Yes."

  4. DPM - Dennis (Mass.) Public Market ;-)

  5. PFA...people from away

  6. nice to see AOF make the list

  7. PA-Phillips Andover