Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marblehead's F.L. Woods

The Sailor Sweater in US Navy
F.L. Woods makes several different types of outerwear garments.
Here are some favorites, all their own designs, and all Unisex.

The Thin, Wool Sopwith

F.L. Woods makes a tough, thin wool sweater, The Sopwith.
This sweater quickly becomes a second skin (made of 80% oiled wool, 20% nylon), designed for accommodating layers when the weather turns rough or wearing "as is" for a bit of warmth and protection in calmer times.  

Sopwith Sweater in Medium
Sopwith Sweater <http://www.flwoods.com/product/sopwith-sweater>
Sopwith Sweater <http://www.flwoods.com/product/sopwith-sweater>

The Cotton Sailor Sweater

The Sailor Sweater, shown here in Small, has an open hem and a rollneck, and is made of (very soft) 100% cotton.  It is also in the perfect shade of Navy.
This is not a skimpy garment.   It is not binding.  It is generously sized and is a sweater that allows you to move.

A Buoy Badge on Left Sleeve
The cotton sweater also comes in Canvas.
In Canvas

Burgess Blazer

And the Burgess Blazer is a different kind of waxed cotton jacket, designed for all summer long, and at home in many more jaunty situations.  

Burgess Blazer in Medium on Maine Windjammer VICTORY CHIMES

The Burgess Blazer Is At Home Here...
...Or here.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves, 100% Wool, made in the USA, and Most Useful <http://www.flwoods.com/product/wool-fingerless-gloves>

Designed in Marblehead and Made in the United States

All of these products are designed in the town of Marblehead, and made in the United States.

Marblehead Light