Monday, December 28, 2015

Lotuff Handbags and Totes

Lotuff In Chestnut
While so many iconic companies are resting on their laurels, Lotuff is earning their new rabid fans.
The designs here are simple and classic, with the superb craftsmanship and wonderful full grain vegetable tanned leather that has made Lotuff famous.  As good as it looks new, these will age to look even better, ultimately serving many, many uses. All Lotuff products are made in New England.
Lotuff In Navy

The Lotuff Zipper Satchel #9 in Chocolate

Lotuff's Zipper Satchel #9 in Chocolate
The Lotuff Zipper Satchel #9 is an understated bag of superb quality and design -  fully leather lined and made of the "hand-selected, tumbled, vegetable-tanned leather" for which they are known.  It is a structured bag, standing up on its own, with a double thick bottom and made in New England.
Detachable Hand-Woven Tassel

It Comes With a Removable Leather Zipper Pouch as Well as an Interior Zipper Pocket

Lotuff Small Leather Tote with Strap

Lotuff Small Leather Tote in Chestnut
For those looking for something that acts like a handbag (or the New England preferred term  "pocketbook") but doesn't necessarily look like one, the Lotuff Small Leather Tote w/Strap may be perfect. It can also hold larger, bulkier items.


Lotuff Unlined Signature Handbag

Lotuff's Signature Unlined Handbag is a delight in form and function.
In Chocolate

The Lotuff Medium Leather Tote

The Lotuff Medium Leather Tote
Finally, this leather tote arrives a blank slate, ready for generations of use.

Vegetable-Tanned Leather
Lotuff is a sponsor of Salt Water New England.