Saturday, December 13, 2014

Finding Sanderlings

These plucky sanderlings are down for the season from the tundra.
As we approach the darkest two weeks of the year, the bright sun and the openness of the water seem especially appealing.

Birders Bundle Up
Ubiquitous Gulls

Blurry but amusing...

The temperatures were in the 30s and the wind was gusting to around 20 mph, but most were dressed for it.

These have been worn every single day for the past two months, in all kinds of conditions (Link).

These Standardbreds had just completed their beach walk.

Appreciating the "Winter Package" as they called it back in 2004.


Joyce N said...

The sanderlings are so cute running back and forth! The horse is beautiful! Even the horse has boots! How fun to walk on the beach!

Joyce N said...

I also enjoy my heated car seats in cold weather. We are really spoiled!��

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Whenever you venture to the seashore on a cold day, I vicariously am refreshed and invigorated as if I were there. The sandpipers are adorable. What brave creatures... running joyously in and out of the frigid waves. Don't they ever get cold? They are superior beings whereas I couldn't live without my heated seats! Brrrr. Have to get one of those hats! Thank you for another wonderful post.
~Hearthstone Farm

mary anne said...

Once again a delightful post.

Not only do I love my heated seats, but my heated steering wheel is also a treat.

John G said...

Obviously, "Beston" is what I meant to write in the previous comment. And I haven't even had any egg nog.

Cathie said...

We were down in Pawleys and all the Sanderlings were wintering down there. They send there regards and will be back when you turn up the tempature!

A Southern Preppy said...

Wonderful photos!