Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and Lake Winnipesaukee

Here is a fitting moment, given the lake was the site of the first Harvard-Yale Regatta in 1852.  Harvard won.

Wolfeboro belongs to the club of classic New England towns.  It is rich in beauty and tradition with a very active commitment to community activities.

Of course, it is impossible to talk about it without also appreciating New Hampshire's largest lake, Winnipesaukee, on which it borders.


This property has been in the family since the 1940s.

[Insert Escher's Three Worlds reference here.]

Wolfboro's town center is also bordered on one side by Brewster Academy.

Wolfeboro itself was established in 1770.

Black's has been here forever and has the same feel as the late great The Fligors in Edgartown.

There are many loons on the lake and The Loon Center is in nearby Meredith.

This is the place for ice cream, as long as you treat the lines as community building activities.


At least some residents would prefer that Mitt Romney, who has a place one cove over from ours,  spends more time here over the next four years.

Wolfeboro hosts its annual antique car and wooden boat show, although it rained this year.

The public spaces are where many musical events are held.

Any real New Englander calls it Na Hampsha.

This was hand made and given to the town by Russian visitors.

It is a dog town.

Past the depot is a great place to go for walks.

Wolfeboro's original spelling.

This public trail was once the train route.

Perhaps the town was even more appreciated in great contrast to the day before.  

Wednesday's View From the Hotel Room Window....
...and Thursday's Speaking Venue.


Susan R said...

The "All Aboard" is a dream boat.

Bitsy said...

I do so love these posts on New England towns, and especially enjoy that you often include local dogs and cats. Wolfeboro and Lake Winnepesaukee are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful and bring back memories of some autumn childhood vacations in those areas. You were just in my work neighborhood (I work across the street) - hope you enjoyed the lovely weather here while it lasted!

Anonymous said...

since you mentioned the presidential candidates, i can not help but asking that most preppy people are republican?

Flo said...

Your blog is giving me lots of great ideas of towns I want to visit--thanks!

WRJ said...

How lucky you are to have a family place there! I hope they don't tax the old-timers to oblivion as badly as they do on the Connecticut and Rhode Island coasts. I went to camp in Tuftonboro on Dan Hole Pond (oddly, not a pond but a lake). One of my best memories is a several day long camping and canoeing trip to Winnipesaukee. We stayed on an island inhabited almost exclusively by blueberry bushes and millions of daddy long legs.

Michael Rowe said...

Lord, that such beauty should be so concentrated in one part of the world. Maybe the Puritans were onto something with all their songs of praise.

Squeeze said...

"On Lake Winnipesaukee our Camp Winaukee stands,
Where we are always happy, the best place in the land."
From 1944-1957, camper, waiter, counselor. "Will ne'er forget, will ne'er regret, will sing its praises ever, the best place in the land."

Bethany Hissong said...

You had perfect weather. I'm so glad you were there this week instead of next week! Lucky you to have such nice neighbors! ;)

Anonymous said...

How funny to read this post! That's the building where I work (National Press Building). Wish I had seen you!

Anonymous said...

This brings back so many childhood memories. I remember going up to Land's End Camps at Melvin Village in Wolfeboro where there was no electricity or running water. We had to use outhouses and pump our water from the lake. I thought it was wonderful and my mother absolutely hated it!

BlueTrain said...

You made it to D.C.! Be sure to stop in Baltimore before you go home, hon.

j.mosby said...

We stayed in Wolfeboro what beautiful little New Hampshire town! Had a fun WW2 museum there I recall!
If you're still in DC e-mail me!

Patsy said...

If you are one cove over from Romney, you are one cove over from my Aunt-in-law. She is on the town end of his street. My in-laws live further out off Main Street.

Anonymous said...

As so often, great, inspiring photos! But wait, Muffy! Was there a zombie apocalypse? Where have all the people gone?

Anonymous said...

I do hope The Loon Center does a swift trade in amusing tee shirts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Muffy, Thought about your blog this morning when reading the posts from the Tamarac Hill Farm facebook page. Your blog is one of only a few we read. And, we are very limited in our face book usage.That being said, Denny Emerson is an old New Englander who seems to have some of your interests in New England life and culture.

Sign Painter said...

We enjoyed the cross country ski trails that abound around Wolfeboro. There are also many nicely made hand painted signs around the lakefront homes. Nice post, thanks.

Anonymous said...

An old friend who attended Brewster Academy died recently, long before his time. When he went back for his 10th reunion, he was asked to fill out a form that included his occupation, to be read at a ceremony.

As the designated leader of his graduating class read through the short biographies, and the occupations, which included doctors, lawyers, small business owners, real estate agents, teachers etc., he got to my friend’s contribution which read, “ I shuck clams.”

There was momentary silence, followed by chuckling, then a hearty round of applause. My friend was never one to mince words, or embellish. That was his true occupation, at least the week of his reunion. In fact that job lasted about one week.

He eventually went on to be a professional sailing yacht captain, a job he truly loved. He also loved Wolfeboro and spent a part of nearly every summer on the lake. I hope Heaven is half as beautiful.


Tabby said...

Spent the last two weeks of every summer unwinding at "Christmas Tree Cottages" on Winnipesaukee.This was in the seventies. Basic camp cottages and I adored them. Loveliest place on earth in my humble opinion.