Saturday, February 9, 2013

Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine is a hub, and some would the jewel, of mid-coast Maine.  It is a tourist destination during the summer months but is also a bustling year round town as well.

The architecture is wonderful, and often starchy white.

Camden is also the source of Pop! Tech, enabled by John "Trust me - I am so visionary I fired Steve Jobs from Apple" Sculley. 

Water is everywhere.
Even the Government offices are beautiful

The green is perfect for lunch, with benches down to the water.  It is also a great place to see dogs; Camden may compete with Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia for volume of strolling dogs.

The view of the harbor is always impressive.

The library is the heart of the town... meetings and festivals alike.

The Back of the Library

Open Air Theater

Many come to the  Camden library to get some work done.  That more libraries across New England have freely available and better-than-hotel speed WiFi (even when they are closed, as long as you huddle close by) is such a public good.

The windows provide their familiar and spectacular view of the harbor.

The Windjammers,seen through the window, are always inviting.



The entire scene one could drive by in about ten seconds, yet walking and looking could fill days.



The Mary Day on the horizon from Lincolnville.


Marie said...

As beautiful as the harbor is, it is those Belted Galloways of Camden that make my heart sing!

Cranky Yankee said...

I'm a sucker for Palladian windows.

Bitsy said...

I love these posts on everyday things.

Chris from New Hampshire said...

I feel like I went down to see Windjammers myself. Thanks for the break!

Greenfield said...

Wonderful detail shots of the boats and rigging; ever think of freelancing for WoodenBoat? You've got "the eye!" ;)

Anonymous said...

These pictures bring back such wonderful memories of the Windjammer cruises we used to take. That last photo is a winner!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and easy on the eyes - wish I were there right now!

Pete said...

We spent a week in Camden this summer and absolutely loved it.
As an academic librarian, I’ve visited libraries around the world. The reading room of the Camden Public Library is one of the most charming reading rooms I’ve ever encountered in my travels.
Approximately a 30 mins drive from Camden is the Muscongus Bay Lobster Company. Best lobster ever.

jrandyv said...

I know what you mean about New England libraries. My wife and I have traveled thru much of it often using libraries as a wi fi stop. My favorite, like Chatham itself, is the Chatham Mass library full of dark wood and quiet reading rooms.

Portland, Oregon

Anonymous said...

We were there 20 yrs ago, my memories are clear.. We must make plans to go back ! Thank you for sharing your walk..

Bethany Hissong said...

Oh, you are so lucky to live there! I miss Camden so much. Thanks for giving me some current glimpses as I'm stuck down here in PA! And that old photo is priceless!

Katahdin said...

I was at boarding school with the two Hawkins boys, sons of the Mary Day's original owner. Authentic Down Easters both.

Craig Sevde said...

Was the Lewis R. French in port?

Anonymous said...

The Camden library, with the requisite visit to Camden deli (they make great three berry pie) is always one of the highlights of my summer in Maine. This was the first time in 35 years I missed it, but never again. Thank you for the wonderful photos.
aka Madeline

Anonymous said...

Spent a week in Camden recently - sailed on "Surprise" a 57 ft windjammer out of the harbor. Lovely couple - Capt Jack and Barbara Moore own her and hosted the two hour trip. A postcard featuring Surprise sits here on my desk reminding me of a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Whitney Cosgrave said...

beautiful pictures, makes me wish I was on a boat!