Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The White Cotton Cable Knit Sweater

There are always so many beautiful boats to admire.
It would be difficult to suggest that a white cable knit sweater is a practical item in New England.  Navy is far more practical.

One consideration is the "rule" no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.  (As with many such frameworks, it is nice to know about them regardless, and then follow them if they makes sense.  However, living in New England, it does appear to be worth following. And it may be more of a condition of the local weather. As cooler air starts to fill in and the leaves change color, the white bucks, shorts, pants, and sweaters suddenly look and feel discordant.)

A cricket version can be a nice variation.
And now, in this narrow meteorological window, and on the water, they are perfect.

A Boat/Vacuum "Emergency"
An Interesting Diversity of Crafts
Many were enjoying this end of summer time.

Going ashore in Jamestown for ice cream.
Planning for Shore
Gifford's Deer Tracks
Too Warm For Land

Next, Newport

The Trumpy Freedom at Harbour Court
Foreshadowing Burgees....
The Wallace Foss
The seersucker is also on the verge of being put away until next year.
The Traditional Clingstone "salute".
Boat to Boat Launch


Patsy said...

We had a visit by Trumpy hull #1 this summer - Aurora - during the NYYC cruise stopover. Gorgeous!

My husband's former skipper calls Clingstone, the mother-in-law house.

Bitsy said...

What a lovely ode to white sweaters and the end of summer. I agree that white after the season begins to change can seem discordant, although a fluffy winter-white cashmere sweater can be a quite lovely on a chilly day, as can a natural Aran sweater when colder. Perhaps it is the touch of cream-color in the white that makes the difference.

Squeeze said...

Back in the Heyday, a J. Press standard was white cable-stitched brushed Shaggy Dog Shetland sweater, with blue oxford button-down shirt and dark gray flannel slacks. Let's not" forget the heavy wool white sweaters with a big blue "Y" on the front and accompanying gray flannels cheerleaders wore yelling "Brakity ax coax coax, Eli, Eli, Yale.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos on what appeared to be a gorgeous day. Everything looks so crisp and clean, including your sweater (as always)!

Sue said...

The Trumpy Freedom sure looks like an old PT boat like the one Jack Kennedy captained. I grew up in Old Greenwich, CT where one of these wonders was moored on a spit of land next to my house. Mr. Jack Hudson had purchased it from the Navy and we never missed a weekend cadging a butterscotch from him, then fishing for snapper blues, taking off in our Sunfish boats or building forts from sea grass. What wonderful memories - and I'm so glad that someone is restoring it.

WRJ said...

Another great application for a white cable-knit is for tennis or post-tennis, since white is appropriate for the sport year-round. It's funny that tennis whites seem almost parodic only 30 or so years after my mother was asked to leave the Black Point Inn's courts for having pale purple elephants critter-embroidered on her white polo shirt. Such a sweater would also come in handy for nights on the beach in Nantucket or the Cape, where it's almost always chilly even in high summer.

Speaking of, Murrays actually sells a great line of cotton knitwear, both with and without a Nantucket island logo, including cable crewnecks. I rediscovered them this summer--the knit, weight, and fit of the sweater is just right. I ended up getting a non-cable crewneck in a dark green, but they carry tons of colors including, if I remember correctly, white. Unfortunately, they aren't available online except in Nantucket red. But for those in that neck of the woods, it is a good alternative to Polo or whoever else may sell these sweaters.

I'm with you on perhaps missing summer this year. I don't normally, but I've had to compress the season into the last month due to a hectic June and July, and therefore am not quite ready to move on.

Anonymous said...

I love your burgee! That is one nice friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Muffy, I don't know if you saw it or not but the Barbour's facebook page linked to your Bedale vs Beaufort entry. HWH

John said...

Very nice! And the flag is just wonderful. But no collar-poppage today?

I was just lamenting on Kyoto Maiko yesterday that RL has no cotton cable crewneck for men like the one for women. Sometimes LL Bean has some nice ones, but their color choices are so drab. I don't feel like I've done my job as a proper prep if someone doesn't tell me I look like a fruit sherbet on a regular basis. :)

Chris from New Hampshire said...

Muffy - I love your "wtf" moments. The picture of the Clingstone people mooning you may even beat the cow insemination photograph. Thanks for your sly humor.

Anonymous said...

I always put my white away after Labor Day. It just makes sense to me. When the autumn rain starts in the PacNW my white would not stay crisply white for very long. As for cream, I love nothing more than a Irish fisherman's sweater in the winter. By a fire. With cider.

BlueTrain said...

I love anything with an old Land-Rover in it. The one I had was the same color (colour), "pale light green," they called it.

I didn't really pay any attention to the photos with boats, though.

Florida Orange said...

Absolutely adore the cream sweater on a beautiful day. When one is properly and well-dressed, one can completely enjoy all that the day may bring. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.

Craig Sevde said...

Great photo essay!

Susan R said...

Aside from being mooned, it all looks lovely. I would love to be near some ocean breezes right now.
I absolutely love my white Lands End cardigan. I just buy out of the Lands' End school uniform catalog. However, this year I sprang for a RL, white, cable crewneck and I have loved it. I mostly had it over my shoulders, or tied around my waist as it has been ridiculous hot and unfortunately still is. However, that's the nice thing about the white sweater, it's not as hot as the nevy, or darker colors.

Paul Connors said...


I've known about the white rules for years, but one thing never made sense to me was the Labor Day ending. Considering that summer is NOT officially over until September 21st and the month itself, even here in the Northeast can be incredibly hot and humid, I have often wondered why that end date applied? Why not wear white bucks until 9/21 if it's hot. People wear shorts well past the end of September if the weather justifies it?

Three short months to wear white, seersucker and madras seems like too short a time. Likewise, the 9 intervening months seems like a long time to wait to do so again.

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Does madras really fall in the 3 month rule? That saddens me because I just discovered Cape Madras and love it! (thanks, Muffy ;)

You are correct about the heat and the need for lightweight clothes throughout September, so I am thinking it is a personal decision based on what is appropriate for the occasion and weather....non?

One question that I have not read about on this blog is jewelry. What choices are 'preferred'? Is the True Prep book correct in their suggestions? Just curious,,,,,as always, many thanks.

Craig Sevde said...

The white rule is the rule. My wife thinks it extends later and starts earlier because we reside in Florida. But I know differently. Haha...

Anonymous said...

For me, a white sweater is pretty dysfunctional unless it's a tennis sweater. Just gets dirty, or looks very dirty, with just a smudge.