Friday, June 1, 2012

Guernsey Sweaters Have Arrived at Royal Male

The Guernsey sweaters had arrived at Royal Male in Newport.

Going By Sea

The Guernsey sweater, made on the Channel Island of Guernsey where they have been knitting this sweater for over 400 years.   It is virtually indestructible, densely woven of its famous water resistant oiled wool, and hand finished.   

The details are specific and symbolic.  Quoting a rib at the top of the sleeve represents a sailing ship’s rope ladder; a raised shoulder seam represents a rope; and the garter stitch panel represents waves breaking on the shore. 
It was Lord Admiral Nelson who suggested that the Guernsey be worn by the Royal Navy, and ordered them to be dyed Navy Blue from their original Natural.

They last seemingly forever.  Etienne wears his father's of thirty years ago and mine is now twenty five years old and still in perfect condition.

Discussing the fit:  The British wear them a bit tighter while Americans prefer a more loose fit. 

There is nothing quite like 6 ply cashmere 
Etienne also showed this jacket made of the very rare qiviut, which comes from the underbelly of the musk-ox.  It it exquisitely soft and light, but warm.


Their seasonal store at Bannister's Wharf is open as well.  And the sweaters can be shipped.  



Worthington said...

Beautiful sweaters. My grandpapa has one in new natural and another in navy. He purchased them both almost 30 years ago in the UK! Beautiful, almost like fabric art.

Anonymous said...

Dear Muffy:

I buy most of my Barbour merchandise and Guernsey sweaters directly from the UK usually at a quarter less ( or more at times) than the price we find here in the USA.

For me, waiting a week for it to arrive by RM and knowing that it ships directly from where it's made is a much better deal in a variety of ways than what can be had here via retailers.

As always, thanks for sharing your rarefied life.


Bernie said...

Are wool sweaters practicable in the summer? Do you have to worry about moths?

Thornproof said...

I've been thinking about getting a Barbour Storm sweater for a long time now, but now I'll have to check out these Guernsey sweater. Of course, I'm always looking for an excuse to visit Newport and Royal Male. Thanks!

The Ancient said...

I bought something there over the phone three or four years ago. They were knowledgeable, helpful and awesomely efficient.

Highest marks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Muffy,

I just noticed you wore a Guernsey sweater on your March 29 visit to the Royal Male. The circle is now complete!

Anonymous said...

There is no correct front of the Guernsey sweater or a backside of the Guernsey. my G has no tag and i was confused about whether or not i was wearing it properly. I emailed folks in Guernsey and they laughed at me and said "Hey Yank, you're SUPPOSED to wear the sweater whcihever way you want to, there is not front or back, this way makes it last longer!"

Hadilly said...

Love my Guernsey sweater in navy, just perfect.

Susan R said...

Royal Male looks like a nifty shop to me. That Barbour Betty quilted vest has my name on it and at $99.00 I'm buying it in both colors. I'd prefere it in navy rather than black though.
Question: I see you wearing your wool sweaters in your photos. Is it still cold enough for wool in your neck of the woods? How hot does it get at your place during the summer?

Anonymous said...

Muffy, Thanks for putting me onto these sweaters. I've picked up two LeTricoteur sweaters (because I've found as I get older clothing quality declines, so now I buy multiples when I find something I like). Interestingly, when I was UN the navy back in the mid-90's we were issued a sweater very similar to this but it wasn't nearly as thick; in fact it was typically worn beneath our chambray shirts.