Sunday, June 24, 2012

Five Classic Vera Bradley Patterns




Paul Connors said...


Maybe it's because I'm an avid photographer and while not interested in the girly things, I still have to say that I think your little Canon does a great job with product photography. It really did a great job of capturing the colors and texture in these latest pics.

Ellie said...

I don't like the new VB either. Nantucket Red might be my favorite. I like the ones that look more like Provence patterns.

Susan R said...

Provencal Red, Nantucket Navy and my latest Razzberry are my favorites. However, I love the Dogwood collection too. I just don't like how easily they seem to wear out. Maybe I'm too hard on my bags, but I find myself purchasing a couple of new ones aevery year.

Joyce N said...

I have purchased five VB items from eBay - wallet/strap and Medium Tote bag in Bermuda Pink, Villager in Apple Green, Miller in Classic Navy, and x-large Duffle in French Blue. All are gently used but I am really enjoying them. I especially like the bags with the six inner pockets for organizing items.
I had never heard of Vera Bradley before I started reading your blog. I do agree that the older patterns are much more attractive.
Thanks Muffy!

Anonymous said...

Only 5 favorite Vera Bradley patterns?? That might be a little difficult!

If I had to choose, I think mine would be: Elizabeth, Nantucket Navy, Greenfield, Provence and French Blue.

Maybe you could do an "official" poll on your blog?!

I have a collection of Pierre Deux bags, etc., as well, and love the Provencal prints!

One reader mentioned that the VB bags don't seem to hold up well. My answer to this problem would be to increase the size of your collection and rotate your bags more often!

I do not care for any of the new VB patterns, unfortunately.

Kat C. said...

I believe that the VB target audience has shifted as the patterns have moved away from their Pierre Deux style designs. I see VB mostly carried by college students these days. I have a collection of Nantucket Navy (a striking resemblance to French Provincal Navy, as I discovered after my collection was established) and a "summer set" in a newer pattern that I reserve for holiday travel. While I'm not a fan of many of the newer designs, it is interesting to watch the brand evolve into something beyond its Provence-inspired roots.

Anonymous said...

Delft looks great. Muffy, are you familiar with Cath Kidson? I happened to discover this brand while I visited London a couple of years ago. I found their vintage English floral pattern much more attractive than VB. I am just curious what you and others think. Muffy, I have been reading your blog for a year and enjoy it very much. Thank you!

binker said...

I have never heard of Cath Kidson before. Now that I have seen her stuff, I like it much better than I like the current Vera Bradley. I sure hope Cath Kidson doesn't go down the same path as VB. Why don't the manufacturers of great products get it? If it "ain't" broke, don't fix it ;)'s really THAT simple.

Farrah said...

Elizabeth, Nantucket Navy, Provence, Hope Toile!