Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 America’s Cup World Series, Newport, Rhode Island (Reposted From June 30, 2012)

The America's Cup World Series in Newport, Rhode Island may be easiest compared to Grand Prix de Monaco.  Except in the water.


There was  pre-race activity at Fort Adams, which was set up for the on-land spectators.

The Lawson History of the America's Cup: A Record of Fifty Years - Amazon Link

If briefly ashore at Fort Adams, one quickly realized how very lucky one is to be watching from the water.

A Visual History of America's Cup

The names of the wifi networks said much about the venue. 

Heading out towards Mackerel Cove and the incomparable Horsehead (Marbella).

As 2:00 came closer, more boats were arriving.

Clingstone was a busy place.

Bass Harbor's Morris Yachts


The Coast Guard presence was impressive.  The most interesting part of the day was watching how they, along with the Environmental Police, controlled the water crowds with great authority and skill.

The constant din of helicopters hovering right above our heads combined with the sirens, whistles and  megaphones of the  Coast Guard gave one a bit of the sensation of being in Los Angeles.

When you see and hear this right behind you, you move.
The crowds were getting thicker, on land and on sea.

At times it seemed to capture the je ne sais quoi of a post-Apocalypse ragtag flotilla.  It was amazing none of the boats hit, although all on board rushed to one side to push another boat away more than once. 
When in doubt, chase the chase boats.

Finally, the action began.

Oracle's boat went off course and into the crowds.

At 4:00, most headed back to Newport Harbor.

Going ashore in search of Gifford's (of Maine) ice cream.

Popped into IRYS....

...and then to see how things were progressing with Coronet.

Museum of Yachting

A dead body?  No, just swimming in the refreshing 62 degree water.


HHH said...

You appear to be having a terrific summer, Muffy! We're all having vicarious fun. One of my few regrets over having moved to Litchfield County, CT is the absence of sailing.

Cranky Yankee said...

I love the shot of the bikini bunch taking pictures of you taking pictures of them taking pictures of you....

WRJ said...

There was a really interesting article about Clingstone in the Sunday NYT a few years back. And what a great, accurate name!

I'm sure the catamarans are technologically spectacular, but they're jarringly unattractive. I can imagine there was palpable schadenfreude when Oracle floundered.

Bitsy said...

Must agree with WRJ about the catamarans. They certainly lack the graceful beauty of the older America's cup boats.

LCR said...

Amazing pictures! Would you mind if I linked to your blog from mine? I went to the races today, but you have many more {and better} pictures. Would love to share.

Paul Connors said...

DOing business with ORACLE is like having teeth pulled without benefit od anesthesia. I was actually glad to see them go off-course because they make my life difficult when I have to deal with. That said, the pics of Newport harbor reminded me of my days there for Naval Officer's Candidate School and how much I liked the town.

JWF said...

I was one of the unlucky ones viewing from land. Your pictures are wonderful, my favorite being the 'dead body' shot! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful crab and avocado salad.

Greenfield said...

So THAT's where you've been! ;) Must agree with Bitsy that the overgrown Hobie Cats with oversize logos lack something in grace, though I've no doubt they slice the water. We should lobby our Congressmen for gov't issue Topsiders for the poor Coasties--I'd sure hate to have to swim in those combat boots!

Anonymous said...

All of your sailing posts reinforce what I think you said somewhere else. Clothes have to be tough. Flimsy versions of prep clothes are not prep clothes, even if they look like prep clothes. This message is confusing to the mall and cubicle people, but is just common sense for the people who like to actually do things.

Anonymous said...

Couple of beautiful Hinckleys in those photos..

j.mosby said...

America's Cup going catamarans?
No more 12 meter racers? Catamarans it's a New Zealand thing right:-)

LCR said...

Thank you! My West Coast friends and family will love seeing more of the event!

David said...

I've got a feeling the skippers of the old 12 Meters would sell all their scrimshaw to get their hands on one of those modern high tech monsters. Curiosity, you know.

Patsy said...

The Coasties are dressed like that since they are probably boarding officers. They can board and search any vessel they choose. They always send boarding officers in a crowd like that.

It's not too hard to stay afloat with the regulation pfd, even wearing boots - lol!

Patsy said...

PS - they stopped racing 12s in the Cup in '87 and started racing AC class in '92.

Kionon said...

There is so much win in these pictures.

Muffy... I see you have an iPod Touch. What's your smart phone of choice, if you have one? I have an iPhone 4... For that matter, what is the "prep" cell phone?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My Gram, a Rhode Island transplant from Scotland and a sailing enthusiast would have adored this post. Thanks, Muffy
Jessica from Ohio's Western Reserve

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Seeing the Beetle cats in "full sail" in the Museum makes me a bit sad. Ours is in storage in Nantucket until May 15.

As always, your posts are bitter sweet; like TS Eliot's April, they mix memory and desire.