Monday, May 6, 2013

Early May Produce

Produce from the farmers' market on Portmeirion Botanic Garden Dishes
Here is some of the local produce available (in some cases via cold frames or greenhouses) in early May, and some ways to prepare it (simply):
  • Carrots: grated in salads; steamed as side dish; chopped in stews
  • Broccoli:  steamed as side dish; sauteed in broccoli/pasta dish
  • Rhubarb:  stewed and served over ice cream
  • Beets:  steamed whole with skins on (to preserves nutrients) then peeled, sliced, and lightly buttered
  • Strawberries:  eaten raw (and, in this case, mostly eaten before we took this photograph!)
  • Cucumbers:  raw and sliced in salads or just used for grazing
  • Asparagus:  steamed and lightly buttered as side dish
  • Lettuce:   raw in salads
  • Spinach (not shown): steamed and lightly buttered as side dish


    kSm said...

    Can't wait...this afternoon is the Spring opening of my local farmers' market! I hope I can get a lot of great stuff too :)

    R.A. Sasayama said...

    yum! that looks good.

    i cooked rhubarb using your recipe a couple weeks ago. simply perfect!

    this is my recipe for carrot salad. it's great on a hot day.

    lots of shredded carrots
    a little mayonnaise
    a little olive oil
    a little lemon juice

    binker said...

    YUM.....glad I checked in, despite reports of your well-earned vacation :)

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Muffy,
    Your post was a nice surprise. I'm anticipating the sights and aromas of the local farmers market. In my area they
    start at the beginning of June.

    Anonymous said...

    I put whole cloves in my stewed rhubarb. Delicious over ice cream and yogurt, too. Just don't eat the cloves!